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Validating user input with c

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A better option is to read the input as text using . #define BUFSIZ (DIGITS) 3 // Account for sign character, newline, and 0 terminator ... fgets(input, sizeof input, stdin)) else My advice would be to check the return value of scanf().Advantages: you can detect and reject bad strings like "12w4", you can reject inputs that are obviously too long and out of range, and you don't leave any garbage in the input stream. If it is zero, there has been a matching failure (ie the user didn't input an integer). Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. The reason behind this is when you hit return\enter on your keyboard, a newline character is passed in as input.You'd probably like to reject this entire input as invalid.Unfortunately, will happily convert and assign the "12" and leave the "w4" in the input stream, fouling up the next read.Hi fellows, i started learning C in college but i m kind new to it.. I usually code python and php, and both have functions to do it, like is_numeric in php or isdigit() in python, but i dont know if C have one.

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The codes below are the method that I have tried: No, it's not a "bool".Again, you'd probably like to reject this input outright, but will go ahead and convert and assign it, regardless of whether the target data type can represent that value or not.To properly handle those cases, you need to use a different tool. // maximum number of digits for your target data type; // for example, a signed 16-bit integer has up to 5 digits.It's "The number of input items successfully matched and assigned [by scanf], which can be fewer than provided for, or even zero in the event of an early matching failure.": net/man/3/scanf attempts to understand if the entered string can be interpreted as the decimal digits of an integer number.Any ideas are welcome, thanx int isalnum(int c ); int isalpha(int c ); int isascii(int c ); int isblank(int c ); int iscntrl(int c ); int isdigit(int c ); int isgraph(int c ); int islower(int c ); int isprint(int c ); int ispunct(int c ); int isspace(int c ); int isupper(int c ); int isxdigit(int c ); Ok guys, this thing is too complicated omg... i wrote this function based on this: it works (at least for me) any coments or suggestions are welcome, thanx Yeah, there is a lot to know before you can use C effectively.