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Updating mingw

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Updated mingw-runtime and mingw32-make version.2007-06-21 by julienlecomte With no heading above the first paragraph, the first heading runs too tight to the end of it; I added a block of one blank space, to force them apart.

I also think we need more spacing between list items, (defined in CSS?

It features a package management system to provide easy installation of packages, Pacman.

It brings many powerful features such as dependency resolution and simple complete system upgrades, as well as straight-forward package building.

Configured via an online XML database, which is managed by the project maintainers, it offers a choice of graphical and command line driven user interfaces facilitating selective download and installation of packages provided by the project.The online version of this historical record is restricted to recent releases; the full history is recorded in the NEWS file, which is included in the source code package.mingw-get-0.6.2-mingw32-beta-20131004-1 --------------------------------------- Release date: 2013-10-04 This is a further bug fix release; it addresses the following issues:-- - Min GW-Feature #2036 partially implemented: now provides for separate assignment of preferences for each of the CLI and GUI clients.A basic standalone tar program that includes lzma support is available from the Min GW project and is called bsdtar.You must add C:\Min GW\bin; to your user PATH environment variable manually.In addition, the reference to the exe was appearing as a link(!?