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In the MVVM design pattern, this is typically done by the View Model.Application developers should implement the INotify Property Changed interface on classes that they want to use as View Models.This article is going to expand on those concepts and introduce Models.If you missed it, here is Part One: Context and Mediators Model classes encapsulate your application’s data and provide an API to access and manipulate that data.Models are appropriate for capturing the domain logic, such as performing calculations or other manipulations. When an item is added to the shopping cart model, the new total for all of the items in the cart will be calculated.

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Just to add to that, let's say I'm bound to a textfield...sure, it'll fail validation, but let the validation do its thing, and meanwhile, update the model...because otherwise, why would it keep the value before it? I’ve figured out something that I think might actually be useful to the world in Flex!If you’ve worked with trees before, they’re fun except when you have to update their data Provider. Copy it, paste it into Flex Builder and press “Run”.The other classes in your application will make requests of models via this API.