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—but with these three tips, you are sure to have your cake and eat it too.You’ll come off as sexy and aloof, and he’ll be so intrigued that he’ll be calling and texting you nonstop for a second date!If he tells you conflicting information or something smells fishy, proceed cautiously, if at all.


Historically, for me, the mention of a foot fetishist would have probably conjured images of a Ted Bundy-esque weirdo, scrambling around under tables, or lurking under cars; desperate to get a lick of a poor, unsuspecting woman’s toes. Foot fetishism, or podophilia as it’s officially termed, can be hot. So, without further ado, here’s what I learnt from dating a hombre who likes hoofs. But, from my experience, podophiles are not into any old foot. And, as you’re about to hit send, you can’t help but wonder if the recipient will ultimately turn out to be a dick and share your pussy pic with your unsuspecting facebook friends. Well, if you’re sexting with a foot fetishist you needn’t worry about all that. READ MORE: What Happens If You Ask A Foot Fetishist To Review This Summer's Shoes A foot-job is a thing Yup, that’s right.

His maternal grandmother on the other hand was of Mexican descendent so Logan comes from a diversity of ethnicity.

Logan’s first role was that of a teenage boy on the television show Friday Nights Lights.

He spent most of his childhood in Texas along with his sibling Presley Henderson.

His grandfather is of the British decendent whereas his parental grandmother was of Polish and Czech ancestry.