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I'm social but I would much rather be in the house watching movies on Netflix.

Dating an agoraphobic

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Whether it’s taking an extra dose of anti-anxiety medicine (approved by my psychiatrist), or practicing breathing exercises to calm my nerves, I find a way.

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Lens dominant frequency graphs in an agoraphobic woman of 25, also with PTSD.The first graph on the left, at the beginning of treatment shows a high frequency spot correlating with hypervigilance and very high anxiety.In the LENS graph on the right, after about six months of treatment. Clinically, she was much better (her mother was astounded that after only a month or two of treatment she wanted to go to the mall (a favorite locale before her trauma)."If she was smaller she would have gone all of the way down - a slender woman or child could have been very seriously hurt." An employee at Complete Tyre Services claimed the holes have been reported "loads of times" to the owner of the site.But within the last six weeks the mother of two has ventured onto the pavement outside her house in West Harton, South Shields, after finding advice on the internet. Mrs Curtis said: "It may not seem very far to walk, but for me, this is amazing, I'm getting there very slowly, and now I don't see no reason why I can't be cured in the future and lead a normal life again. I used to spend my days at work, my nights in Manhattan, and my weekends filled with adventure and road trips.