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Instead Climate Care sells voluntary carbon credits to “help individuals and businesses take responsibility for their carbon emissions by offsetting their carbon footprint”.

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One reason for that is that a young child (not a teenager, who is physically an adult) is assumed to be fairly easy for most adults to subdue while doing little harm to the child if the child becomes violent, and there's few parents out there who would want to wreck their children's lives by calling the cops if they already have the situation in hand.

Also, while kids can be cruel, they are also perceived as innocent as well as extremely cute, and since adults are considered big and strong and capable, the child is very likely to get away with whatever horrible things they do to adults because not only is it entertaining, we can also fault the adult for being too incompetent to handle a child.

See all Sky channels Virgin Media ( offers a selection of adult TV channels on pay monthly plans and on-demand.

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